It is as an artist that I appreciate the work of Antony Donaldson, from the point of view of attractions and a sharing of practices beyond codes and names. I approached his paintings and drawings as I often do when I visit an exhibition. I followed the gap between two coloured surfaces. I wanted to grab the painting by the wooden frame painted in the right colour. I was tempted to blow on a drawing whose pigment seems to come from an eyeshadow palette. I love the sea and landscapes, the horizon, curves and clean cuts, air and soft skin.
Far from an assimilation and more than a confrontation, I wanted to form rapprochements based on principles or themes common to both of us, such as water, colour, landscape, pyramids, the frame or anchor, articulation, repetition (a kind of visual alliteration), " The figure in the service of abstraction ", and why not some fantasies of flight.

We also wanted to invite Elora Weill-Engerer*, author of an edifying text on skin and milk, to act as master of ceremonies.

Vincent Beaurin, July 2022

* Sopitive Painting, by Elora Weill-Engerer, curator and art critic. The Art Newspaper French Edition, January 2022, Issue 37, p.15

ArtParis 2023
Ocelle, 2022
Polystyrene, epoxy resin, glass flake
Ĝ 71 x 10 cm
ArtParis 2023
30.03 - 02.04

Strouk Gallery - booth C16 -

Out of Brexit
Vincent Beaurin invites Antony Donaldson

For the edition of Art Paris, 2023, Strouk Gallery is pleased to propose Out of Brexit, Vincent Beaurin invites Antony Donaldson, a project with Elora Weill-Engerer, Antony Donaldson and Vincent Beaurin, respectively author and artists.

This encounter is the result of two recent collaborations of the gallery, one with Antony Donaldson, since 2019, and the other with Vincent Beaurin, since 2022. The author Elora Weill-Engerer wrote on this occasion.